Gradient Protocol Unveils Second Funding Phase With Fjord Foundry

Gradient Protocol, a pioneering liquid staking platform for the Bittensor network, has unveiled plans for an exciting second funding phase with Gradient Protocol Fjord Foundry. This move follows the successful conclusion of the private seed round, marking a significant milestone in Gradient’s journey to innovate within the liquid staking domain.

The primary objective of the protocol is to develop a platform that enables safe, streamlined, and scalable staking solutions across multiple TAO subnets. By deploying specialized validators to different subnets, Gradient aims to establish a robust liquid staking ecosystem within the Bittensor network, fostering increased stability, maintaining stable returns for users, and enhancing validator performance.

The proceeds from the second funding round will be utilized to scale up Gradient’s validation capacity, open new validators, fund the liquidity of the GDT token, and support marketing and developmental activities, further strengthening the protocol’s growth trajectory.

Gradient’s Token Generation Event (TGE) is poised to redefine how liquid staking platforms operate on the TAO network, offering an all-encompassing solution that includes in-house validator slots, revenue-sharing, liquid staking, and a native token from the platform’s launch. By leading by example in terms of decentralization, transparency, and community governance, Gradient aims to set a new standard within the liquid staking space.

Through its ongoing expansion and the second funding round on Fjord Foundry, Gradient Protocol is cementing its position as a pioneering liquid staking platform on the Bittensor network. By diversifying network validation processes, bootstrapping liquidity for its GDT token, and transitioning to a more decentralized, transparent, and community-governed platform, Gradient is paving the way for a new era of transparency and decentralization in the liquid staking domain.

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