Hailo’s Edge AI Chips: Bringing AI to Everyday Devices

Artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving beyond the confines of massive data centers and cloud computing. As AI becomes more ubiquitous, there is a growing demand for chips that can bring this transformative technology to the edge – into the devices we use every day. This is where Hailo, an Israeli semiconductor startup, sees a significant opportunity.

Hailo makes AI vision processors and accelerator chips designed to enable deep learning applications on edge devices. These chips can be embedded in a variety of products, including autonomous vehicles, smart cameras, robotics, industrial machinery, healthcare devices, drones, and home appliances. According to Orr Danon, CEO at Hailo, ‘AI is learning from examples, contrary to plastic computers which are just being given a very specific set of rules. It’s kind of intuition versus logic.’

While tech giants like Nvidia focus on AI chips for data centers and cloud computing, Hailo is catering to the growing demand for edge AI. Danon explains, ‘The apps that you run are local. Of course, you use data that is connected to the cloud, but the majority of data crunching is being done locally. And that’s exactly what we believe in.’ This approach offers benefits in terms of power consumption and communication requirements, enabling real-time processing for applications that require immediate responses, such as autonomous vehicles.

Hailo’s chips are designed to be cheaper, more efficient, and require only a few watts of power consumption, in contrast to Nvidia’s chips that can consume hundreds of watts. As George Gilder, a renowned investment advisor, stated during a webinar, ‘I think AI is going to be in every smartphone and every pocket, and it’s going to be distributed through the Internet of Things. It’s going to be ubiquitous. It’s really a new IO for the new technology platform of the age.’

While the cloud will continue to play a role in training AI models, Hailo believes that the processing and execution of AI tasks will increasingly happen locally on the edge. This decentralized approach presents a significant opportunity for chip makers like Hailo, as AI continues to evolve and become more integrated into our everyday lives.

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