Jody Sharpe’s ‘Angel Inspirations’ Spreads Message of Love and Resilience

In her latest endeavor, ‘Angel Inspirations’, bestselling author Jody Sharpe delves into the transformative power of angels, offering a beacon of hope and resilience through her captivating tales. Drawing from her personal encounters and the beloved Mystic Bay series, Sharpe’s message resonates with readers, illuminating a path towards healing and kindness.

Sharpe’s passion for uplifting literature shines through her work, providing a ray of optimism in the face of depression and anxiety. Her anti-bullying message is a testament to the healing potential of embracing compassion and resilience. Readers will discover in her books a profound shift in perspective that empowers them to find strength within and see the good in all people.

Her most recent work, ’20 Moon Road, An Angel’s Tale’, features the character Madam Norma, based on a woman who profoundly influenced Sharpe’s life. As Diane Donovan of Midwest Book Review states, ‘Sharpe’s Mystic Bay series embodies hope, belief, the power of conviction and angel influences, and the acts of kindness that lead humanity on a better, gentler path.’ The book trailer is available at

Sharpe’s message extends beyond her books, as she invites readers to share their own ‘angel stories’ on her website, creating a collection of real-life encounters and miracles. Her YouTube channel further amplifies her mission, offering segments on various topics, including bullying and its impact on special needs children.

With a career as a Special Education teacher and personal experiences that have shaped her journey, Sharpe’s writing serves as a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the belief that angels guide us through life’s challenges. Her ‘Angel Inspirations’ series promises to uplift and inspire readers, reminding them of the profound truths that lie within the timeless symbols of angels.

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