MTB Metals Explores Promising Porphyry Copper-Gold Prospects in BC’s Golden Triangle

MTB Metals, a mineral exploration company, is making significant strides in its porphyry copper-gold exploration efforts in the Golden Triangle of British Columbia. The company’s primary focus is the Telegraph project, a promising porphyry copper-gold prospect located near four other world-class porphyries with identical geology.

According to Lawrence Roulston, CEO of MTB Metals, the company’s recent discussions at the PDAC conference and subsequent meetings have garnered considerable interest from major mining companies for potential joint ventures or strategic investments, particularly in the Telegraph project. This interest is driven by the project’s promising location and substantial exploration potential.

In 2021, MTB Metals consolidated a large property area and has conducted three field seasons of exploration. Towards the end of the last season, four drill holes were completed across a 3.3-kilometre trend within the Telegraph project, indicating a large-scale porphyry system. While retail investors showed limited enthusiasm for the initial drilling results, major mining companies recognized the broader potential of the system, understanding that these initial holes only begin to reveal the project’s capacity.

Roulston plans to further explore the already drilled area and other porphyry centers within the 350-square-kilometre property, emphasizing the project’s significant exploration and development potential. The company’s extensive land holdings in the Golden Triangle region, covering nearly 600 square kilometres across six distinct projects, provide ample opportunities for future discoveries and growth.

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