NeuroOne’s Brain Monitoring Tech Aims to Improve Epilepsy Diagnosis and Treatment

Epilepsy, a neurological disorder affecting around 50 million people globally, often proves difficult to manage effectively with current treatments. Approximately 36% of epilepsy patients experience uncontrolled seizures, significantly impacting their quality of life. NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: NMTC) aims to achieve better outcomes with its high-definition, minimally invasive Evo® Cortical Electrode and Evo® sEEG Electrode technologies.

These thin-film electrodes, made of flexible polyimide material, can be implanted inside the skull to record brain activity with reduced trauma compared to bulkier electrodes currently on the market. By providing enhanced signal quality and proven placement accuracy, NeuroOne’s technology enables physicians to capture vital data for more confident diagnoses.

Through its partnership with Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ZBH), NeuroOne’s electrode products are already being used for recording, monitoring, and stimulating electrical signals in the brain. The company expects revenue to increase as Zimmer Biomet adds new accounts.

Recently, NeuroOne received FDA 510(k) clearance for its OneRF™ Ablation System, a tool for recording brain activity and ablating nervous tissue under temperature-controlled environments. This system, along with the electrodes, has the potential to revolutionize diagnoses and treatment of brain diseases, according to the company.

NeuroOne’s technology may help pinpoint the exact location in the brain where seizures originate, a challenge in effectively managing epilepsy. ‘The FDA clearance of NeuroOne’s OneRF system will provide neurosurgeons with an important new tool in the surgical management of epilepsy,’ said Robert E. Gross, MD, PhD, chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at New Jersey Medical School and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

While currently focused on improving epilepsy diagnoses, NeuroOne’s electrodes could potentially be used to deliver electrical stimulation to suppress seizure activity in the future, pending further clinical trials. If successful, this could be game-changing for the millions of epilepsy patients who do not find relief with current treatments.

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