Qubic Pioneers True AI Revolution with Decentralized Network

Qubic, a community-driven project, is pioneering a revolution in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) with its decentralized network and the introduction of a novel concept called useful-Proof-of-Work (uPoW). This innovation ensures that every computational effort directly contributes to AI development, moving beyond the traditional Proof-of-Work process.

At the core of Qubic’s efforts lies Aigarth, an advanced AI system that symbolizes the platform’s goal to grant universal access to the most sophisticated AI capabilities available. Aigarth analyzes data from AI miners to construct billions of neural networks, thereby mimicking the complexity of a human brain.

In alignment with its mission to establish the premier open-source AI infrastructure, Qubic functions as a unique decentralized network governed by Quorum consensus described by Nick Szabo. The network is run by 676 validators, called ‘computers’, responsible for executing smart contracts, ensuring network security, and managing feeless transactions.

Through its robust infrastructure, Qubic not only facilitates smart contract executions with exceptional efficiency but also boasts the ability to process more than 40 million transfers per second (TPS) on the smart contract level. This remarkable capacity stands as a testament to Qubic’s dedication to creating a high-performance computational AI network that acts as the foundational support for True AI development, providing swift, secure, and scalable solutions for AI integration.

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