ToolsGroup and Scarpe&Scarpe Showcase AI-Powered Retail Transformation at eP Summit

ToolsGroup, a pioneering company in AI-powered supply chain planning solutions, and Scarpe&Scarpe, a prominent Italian retailer of shoes and leather goods, are set to take center stage at the eP Summit 2024 in Florence, Italy. The event, scheduled for April 9-10, will provide a platform for the two companies to showcase their successful partnership and the remarkable results achieved through the integration of ToolsGroup’s cutting-edge AI solutions.

Marcello Pace, CEO of Scarpe&Scarpe, a major player in the retail industry with over 100 stores across Italy, will share the company’s transformative journey. By embracing ToolsGroup’s AI-powered solutions, Scarpe&Scarpe has revolutionized its merchandising processes, optimizing margins while minimizing overstock, leading to significant business improvements.

Pace’s previous experience as CEO of PittaRosso, another large Italian shoe retailer, played a pivotal role in shaping his vision for Scarpe&Scarpe’s digital transformation. At PittaRosso, Pace implemented ToolsGroup’s automated markdown optimization solution, leveraging historical sales data, comprehensive market insights, and inventory analytics. Within just two months, PittaRosso witnessed a remarkable 14.3% increase in sell-through rates and improved inventory efficiency, contributing to a €4.2 million boost in overall margin. This success story, published as a Harvard Business School case study, laid the foundation for Pace’s vision to achieve a similarly transformative impact at Scarpe&Scarpe.

‘We urgently needed a strategy to maximize margin and sell-through rates,’ Marcello Pace commented. ‘Within just months, ToolsGroup’s AI-powered solution provided tangible results, perfectly aligning with our inventory and growth objectives. Embracing digital transformation is crucial for our brand’s retail expansion, and ToolsGroup emerged as the ideal technological partner to enhance our revenue and margin growth.’

Inna Kuznetsova, CEO of ToolsGroup, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, ‘Scarpe&Scarpe’s success embodies today’s AI-powered revolution in retail and supply chain planning technologies. The immediate business impact they observed is a testament to how real-time decision-making not only adapts to an unpredictable market but enables businesses to thrive in it. It’s a privilege to partner with Scarpe&Scarpe on their innovation and digital transformation journey. Together, we’re paving the way for smarter, more sustainable growth.’

Attendees at the eP Summit can learn more about ToolsGroup’s retail planning solutions by booking a meeting at and visiting their booth A/5 at Stazione Leopolda, Florence, on April 9-10.

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