Torr Metals Unveils Promising Soil Sampling Results at Kolos Project

Torr Metals, an exploration company focused on mineral resources, has unveiled the final assay results from its comprehensive 2023 soil sampling program at the Kolos Project, located near Merritt, British Columbia. The findings have yielded promising insights into the project’s potential, delineating five kilometer-scale mineralized zones within a potential cluster porphyry trend spanning 7 kilometers.

According to Malcolm Dorsey, Torr Metals’ CEO, the analysis of 3,348 soil samples covering an expansive 48 square kilometer area has revealed highly anomalous copper (Cu) concentrations, surpassing 200 parts per million (ppm) and reaching a maximum of 1175 ppm Cu. Notably, the northern portion of the sampling grid unveiled the Rea Zone (Cu-Au), measuring 1200 meters by 350 meters, and the Clapperton Zone, spanning 1000 meters by 900 meters.

The Clapperton Zone is of particular interest, as it exhibits highly anomalous Cu-Mo mineralization associated with Late Triassic intrusions near large-scale intersecting north-south and northwest-southeast shear structures. This geological feature suggests a strong comparison to the nearby Highland Valley Cu-Mo porphyry deposit, located approximately 30 kilometers to the northwest. The positive soil sampling results underscore the potential of the Kolos Project as a significant mineral resource.

Torr Metals is optimistic about the prospect of further exploration and development activities, leveraging these findings to advance its understanding of the project’s geological characteristics and economic potential. With continued exploration efforts and strategic planning, the company is poised to unlock further value and deliver positive outcomes for its stakeholders in the exploration and mining sector.

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