Arcas Champions Launches Beta on Gaimin with Play-to-Airdrop Treasure Hunt

Block Ape Scissors, a Binance Labs incubated gaming studio, in partnership with Bevium, Unreal Engine 5 certified game developers, has announced the beta launch of Arcas Champions, the first Power to Players game built in Unreal Engine 5. The game is powered by the ARCAS token and implements Skillstaking, a groundbreaking new protocol for competitive gaming and esports.

Set on the lush jungle planet of Arcas, Arcas Champions follows a civil war unraveling between the Elites and Renegades for control of the planet’s resources. The gameplay focuses on team-versus-team objective-based game modes requiring skill and strategic thinking to snatch victory from opponents.

The ARCAS token, the native ecosystem token, enables holders to support the in-game careers of players by staking into player-owned Champions (Rank RWAs), earning revenue share based on their performance and delegating voting power to the backed player in-game. The system will be protected by the first AI anti-cheat rank oracle network, decentralizing and protecting the game’s integrity.

The beta launch of Arcas Champions is happening exclusively on Gaimin, a top Web3, AI & De-Pin launcher boasting over 400k+ downloads and owners of Gaimin Gladiators, one of the top teams worldwide in esports. To participate in the Play-to-Airdrop Treasure Hunt, players need to download the Gaimin launcher and Arcas Champions Beta on April 4th, sign in with their Epic Games account, link their Gamester/Partner NFT with their PlayerID on the Arcas Dapp, find three hidden codes in-game, and input the secret codes on the Dapp. The first 2000 questers will receive an airdrop of $50 ARCAS on the BNB Chain seven days after the last quest is completed.

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