Revolutionizes Community Engagement with Decentralized Raffles, a cutting-edge platform, has unveiled its utility-focused solution for hosting community raffles in a transparent and fair manner. Powered by decentralized technology, this innovative platform empowers projects to create engaging raffles, boost token utility, and automate token burning with ease.

At the core of lies advanced smart contract technology that ensures fairness in selecting random winners. With audited contracts and immutable blockchain records, the platform guarantees transparency and security for all participants. The solid integration with multiple blockchains facilitates accessibility for a wide range of users.

By allocating tokens as prizes, incentivizes community engagement and enhances token utility. Developed by VTS Blockchain Engineers for CoinRaffle Inc., the platform represents the future of decentralized community engagement, unlocking new dimensions of token utility by combining growth and practical usage.

Creating raffles on is a seamless process. Users simply need to provide a name, specify the token contract address, blockchain, and token amount, set an end date, and optionally include links for the reference project. Participants then send tokens to the generated RaffleFund address. To ensure fairness, distribution rules include percentages for the winner, team wallet, and token burn.

The platform charges a 2.5% service fee from the raffle funds. Users can view past raffles in the ‘My Raffles’ section by connecting their wallet, with compatibility for over 380 different wallets. Upcoming features, such as Ethereum, Optimism, and Solana support, ensure that continuously evolves to meet user needs. aims to empower crypto projects and enthusiasts by offering a unique approach to community engagement. With a focus on token utility and automated token burning, the platform provides a cutting-edge decentralized application (dApp) for creating and managing raffles, making community engagement more dynamic and creating new dimensions of token utility for projects. Visit the platform’s website to learn more.

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