Crafting Sustainable Waves: ‘Shape of Hope’ Celebrates Eco-Artisanship

In the heart of Santa Cruz, California, a collective of visionary artisans and filmmakers has embarked on a remarkable quest to redefine the art of board sports. ‘Shape of Hope,’ a captivating short documentary, immerses viewers in the world of sustainable surfboards, snowboards, and guitars, crafted from reclaimed and eco-friendly materials.

Directed by Eric Dennis and produced by The Outside Collective, the film celebrates the dedication of artisans Martijn Stiphout, Brian Riccatone, Daven Jessen, and Richard Hoover, who have united their passion for aesthetics, performance, and environmental preservation. Through their skilled hands, waste is transformed into eco-responsible masterpieces that harmonize with nature.

‘Shape of Hope’ showcases the transformative power of using sustainable materials in board sports, presenting a forward-thinking vision that disrupts conventional practices and aims to reduce global landfill waste. As Martijn Stiphout, co-founder of Ventana Surfboards & Supplies, affirms, ‘With ‘Shape of Hope,’ we aspire to ignite a revolution in the hearts of enthusiasts and athletes alike. This is more than a story—it’s a movement at the confluence of zeal, creativity, and a pledge to the Earth.’

The film takes viewers on a captivating journey through the artisans’ workshops, where reclaimed wood is meticulously sculpted into boards and guitars that are not only striking in appearance but also embodiments of ecological harmony. From the shaping of sustainable surfboards to the crafting of eco-friendly guitars by the Santa Cruz Guitar Company, ‘Shape of Hope’ celebrates the artistry and innovation that lie at the heart of this movement.

Director Eric Dennis explains, ‘Creating ‘Shape of Hope’ was a journey into the heart of sustainability. This film is a testament to the power of innovation and how some of the most talented artisans in the world can harmonize with nature. It’s about inspiring change and showing that building new products carries the potential to make a positive impact on our planet.’

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