Russell Brunson’s Multimillion-Dollar Book Purchase Fuels Growth Mindset Movement

Russell Brunson, the founder of the highly successful software company ClickFunnels, has once again captured media attention – this time for his recent $1.5 million purchase of a rare, signed pre-first edition of Napoleon Hill’s book ‘The Law of Success.’ This acquisition is part of Brunson’s larger Secrets of Success movement, which aims to help entrepreneurs and achievers escape mediocrity and unlock their full potential through a growth mindset.

The acquired book, which is free from later edits by publishers, will join Brunson’s extensive collection of over 15,000 rare books housed in his 22,000-square-foot Atlas Research Center library in Boise, Idaho. This library serves as the centerpiece of the Secrets of Success movement, providing members with access to exclusive content curated from the greatest masters of achievement, including Napoleon Hill, P.T. Barnum, Orison Swett Marden, Elsie Lincoln Benedict, and Dale Carnegie.

According to a Global Banking and Finance Review article, Brunson’s entrepreneurship book club platform offers ‘a holistic approach that is as practical as it is inspiring,’ applauding his mission to ‘create a community of like-minded individuals committed to personal growth and transformation.’ Meanwhile, a Los Angeles Wire article described Secrets of Success as a way for individuals to ‘unlock their potential, cultivate an abundance mindset,’ and transform ‘personal development from a distant dream into a tangible reality.’

Brunson’s enthusiasm for the publicity surrounding his book purchase stems from his desire to share the growth mindset gems it holds with a wider audience. Napoleon Hill had dreamed of opening a ‘School of Success’ during his lifetime, but he passed away before realizing that vision. With his Secrets of Success program, Brunson may be on his way to reviving and running with Hill’s dream.

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