Websea Embarks on Web3.0 Era with Global Tour in Hong Kong

Websea, a pioneering digital asset trading platform, recently hosted its ‘Web3.0+2024’ Global Tour event in Hong Kong, titled ‘Web3+2024 in Hong Kong: Embarking on the Age of Discovery for Web3.0.’ This event brought together industry leaders and innovators to delve into the transformative potential of the Web3.0 era and its impact on the blockchain and digital asset landscape.

As a strategic hub in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong witnessed the full explosion of Web3.0 possibilities. Websea’s COO, Herbert, delivered a keynote speech on ‘How crypto will shift from product to powering products’ at the WOW Summit forum. He engaged in insightful discussions with industry peers, exploring the future trends of Web3.0 and its far-reaching implications.

During his speech, Herbert highlighted Websea’s exploration and achievements in Web3.0 community governance. Through proposals and voting by the global community, WBS successfully completed a futures trading upgrade, reducing its total supply to 300 million. This initiative exemplified the advantages of Web3.0’s co-construction and sharing model, where all WBS holders in the community benefited in the medium and long term.

Following the insightful exchanges at the WOW Summit, Websea’s COO, Herbert, joined renowned venture capital firms and project parties for an evening networking event aboard a yacht on Victoria Harbour. Discussions centered around the myriad opportunities emerging in the Web3.0 Age of Discovery.

Websea Labs, the investment arm of Websea, also garnered significant attention at the event. As an incubator and investor supporting innovative blockchain startups, Websea Labs accelerates the maturity and development of the Websea ecosystem. Herbert revealed that Websea Labs will focus on hot industry trends, investing and incubating 10 projects in the GameFi and DePIN fields.

The ‘Web3.0+2024’ Global Tour showcased Websea’s ambition for a global ecological layout. By connecting industry practitioners, ecosystem builders, and digital asset investors worldwide, Websea is committed to building an open, interconnected digital asset trading ecosystem. This event provided participants with a unique platform to explore the Web3.0 world while accelerating the global ecological development of Websea.

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