Diamond Lake Minerals Bolsters Tokenization Strategy with Seasoned Finance Veteran

The tokenization of real-world assets like real estate is gaining momentum, with estimates suggesting the market could be worth $10 trillion by 2030. Diamond Lake Minerals Inc. (OTCPK: DLMI) is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, having invested substantial resources in converting real estate assets into blockchain-based digital tokens.

DLMI’s recent strategic acquisition of Avrio Worldwide PBC, a registered market infrastructure provider, has further solidified its position. Avrio’s digital financial market infrastructure (dFMI) will be deployed to tokenize digital assets across DLMI’s network of companies in various sectors, including financial services, real estate, media, entertainment, and gambling.

To bolster its leadership in this space, DLMI has appointed Douglas Borthwick as its Advisor and Chief Token Strategist. Borthwick brings over 30 years of experience in the finance industry, having held significant positions at INX Limited and The INX Digital Company (OTC: INXDF), where he played a crucial role in pioneering the first-ever IPO of a registered security on the blockchain.

Brian J. Esposito, CEO of Diamond Lake Minerals, Inc., expressed his enthusiasm for Borthwick’s appointment, stating, ‘I am absolutely thrilled to have Mr. Borthwick join our team here at Diamond Lake Minerals. Over the years he and I have been out pounding the physical, and virtual, streets about the future of tokenization, the power and utility of security tokens, and the importance of regulation. I have nothing but admiration and respect for him, and the professionalism, experience, and value he brings to DLMI is vast.’

Prior to his involvement in the blockchain space, Borthwick held leadership roles at TP-ICAP, Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), Merrill Lynch, and Standard Chartered Bank, specializing in electronic trading and managing derivatives trading groups in major financial hubs like New York and London.

Borthwick shared his excitement about the opportunity, stating, ‘It is apparent that [Diamond Lake Mineral’s CEO] Brian is assembling a strong team along with the necessary infrastructure to cater to the tokenization of assets. I look forward to working with his seasoned team of professionals with their own deep inroads into the supply of tokenizable products, the regulated tokenization of them and global distribution to institutions and the general public.’

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