EMAM and Twelve Labs Unveil Integrated Video AI Solution

EMAM, Inc. and Twelve Labs Inc. are set to showcase their combined solution at the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas. The integrated offering aims to help organizations make sense of and utilize their expanding volumes of current and historical video content, even with limited time and budget for tagging and organizing media.

Twelve Labs provides multimodal AI models for video content, including Marengo 2.6 for search and Pegasus-1 for text generation. These models can contextually understand videos and individual frames, enabling easy search and automatic generation of summaries, chapters, titles, and transcripts/captions. Users can leverage EMAM’s traditional search features and filters or a new natural language interaction panel to find relevant video segments or whole videos.

David Miller, EMAM President, stated, ‘Whether organizations need to make sense of the daily flood of new material, seek to use their poorly structured and tagged archive, or need to instantly find important material for breaking news, powerful AI tools will make every media library more useful and valuable.’

Jae Lee, founder and CEO of Twelve Labs, added, ‘Manually logging videos is time-consuming and hard to scale. With the power of Twelve Lab’s models available in EMAM, organizations are better equipped than ever before to make the most of their rich content.’

From the web interface, EMAM users can browse search results, preview media, organize content into categories and projects, and integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud and DaVinci Resolve for craft editing. The eMAM platform can manage storage and retrieval of various resolutions across cloud and local systems, enabling finalized projects to be shared as links or high-resolution media with packaging and delivery to broadcast, newsroom, or streaming/distribution platforms.

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