Spotter Global Unveils Integrated Management Center 2.0 for Enterprise Perimeter Security

Spotter Global, a pioneer in compact surveillance radar technology, is gearing up to showcase its cutting-edge Integrated Management Center (IMC) 2.0 at the highly anticipated ISC West 2024 event. This innovative software solution is designed to empower security professionals with comprehensive management capabilities for their enterprise-level Spotter Radar perimeter security systems.

According to Logan Harris, Spotter Global’s CEO, ‘IMC is built and designed to help Security Professionals be able to quickly understand the current status of their system. When you’ve got many different sites, it becomes very difficult to know what’s going on…what IMC does is automate the collection of that information as well as the reporting of it. This data then allows the security manager to quickly respond to any system health issues within minutes, instead of days or even months.’

The current IMC 1.1 version already offers a robust set of features, including health reporting on all devices in the system, reports showing alarm patterns by time, site, and device, and the ability to locate any health problem with just ‘Two Clicks.’ Additionally, it provides direct navigation to NetworkIO site management devices and state-of-the-art TrackRank© charting for alarm analysis, filtering, data analytics, and reporting.

However, the highly anticipated IMC 2.0 promises to take enterprise perimeter security management to new heights. Among its standout features are a fast-refresh health map that allows security personnel to monitor the full system health at a glance and locate issues by geographical location, as well as alarm review functionality, enabling enterprise-level security teams to review and classify historical alarms accompanied by track and image data from any NetworkedIO (NIO) in their system.

Spotter Global extends an invitation to witness a live preview of IMC 2.0 at their booth #19125 during ISC West in Las Vegas on April 10th and 11th at 11:30am and 4pm Pacific. This event presents an excellent opportunity for security professionals to explore the cutting-edge capabilities of IMC 2.0 and gain insights into how it can streamline their enterprise perimeter security operations.

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