Summit Trailer Sales Acquired by Jorden Industries

Summit Trailer Sales, Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality trailers and dump beds since 1970, has been acquired by Jorden Industries, the owners of Clement Trailers and Hilbilt Trailers. The transaction was facilitated by Benchmark International, a global M&A firm.

Summit Trailer Sales is known for its unique client-centered business model, differentiating it from mass producers. Chuck Pishock, President/CEO of Summit Trailer Sales, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, ‘The perpetuation of my father’s dream of Summit Trailer Sales, Inc. has been a long-time consideration of mine. My company has been and always will be family. Jamey McMahon coming into the picture with Clement is the perfect combination for all of us. This marriage will continue as a family, and I am personally overwhelmed by the future growth opportunities of Summit Trailers.’

Clement Industries, based in Minden, LA, has been a value leader in construction, dump, scrap, and demolition trailers for over 70 years. Its Clement and Hilbilt designs are a mainstay in the trailer industry. Jamey McMahon, Chairman of Jorden Industries, said, ‘We are excited to add the Summit Trailers brand to our inventory of dump trailer companies and to see how our manufacturing, sales, and marketing teams can grow the Summit, Clement, and Hilbilt brands in areas where neither has a significant presence.’

Peyton Terry, Senior Deal Analyst at Benchmark International, praised Chuck Pishock’s commitment to the process, stating, ‘Chuck was a pleasure to work with during the entire process. He was a model of what can happen when you fully trust your advisors and believe in the process. Because of Chuck’s commitment, he has reached a wonderful outcome that will continue to build the Summit Trailer Sales legacy.’

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