Powata Launches New Version of Optim Merchandising App

Powata, a Singapore-based SaaS developer, has officially launched a new version of Optim Merchandising, a merchandising app already utilized by hundreds of merchandisers in Asia Pacific and Europe. The app, initially introduced in 2017, aims to replace traditional solutions used by merchandisers, such as paper tracking, in-house tools, or messaging apps.

Optim Merchandising enables merchandisers to capture real-time information while performing their tasks, ensuring accurate data collection. The app’s features include capturing timestamps, GPS coordinates, and pictures directly within the app, eliminating the need to access the device’s gallery. Supervisors can organize schedules, assign tasks such as general merchandising, stock takes, reordering, share of shelf tracking, and planogram checks, all within the app.

The app can function both offline and online, providing flexibility for merchandisers in various environments. Powata also offers a separate app for sales promoters stationed in stores to assist consumers directly.

All data collected through Optim Merchandising is stored in a structured manner, allowing for automated reporting to supervisors, managers, and brands. This streamlined process ensures efficient communication and data analysis.

Powata is part of the iLathys venture builder and a sister company of fewStones, a corporate video production company, and StoryboardHero, a platform that generates AI storyboards.

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