The Paradiddles Debut Musical Concept Album Brings Broadway Adventure

The Paradiddles, an Austin, Texas-based musical group, have released their highly anticipated debut album, ‘The Absent-Minded Pirate.’ This ambitious musical concept album brings the magic of Broadway to listeners’ ears, taking them on a swashbuckling adventure filled with memorable characters, catchy tunes, and a captivating story.

‘The Absent-Minded Pirate’ follows the journey of four strangers in search of a forgetful pirate’s buried treasure. As they gather their instruments and courage, they embark on a perilous quest, encountering mythical creatures, overcoming ghostly obstacles, and forging lasting friendships along the way.

Grammy and Emmy Award-winning engineer and producer Cynthia Daniels, known for her work on ‘The Producers [Original Broadway Cast Recording],’ mixed and mastered the album, praising it for capturing the essence of Broadway shows. ‘The songs are sublime, and the orchestration and sounds are complex and perfectly arranged,’ Daniels said.

The Paradiddles’ creator and primary composer, Billy Lucas, describes the album as a ‘British-Invasion-meets-Broadway-Musical adventure’ that the whole family can enjoy. With its fully orchestrated sound effects, dialogue, and scene transitions, ‘The Absent-Minded Pirate’ allows listeners to envision the story unfolding on the big screen or a Broadway stage.

Now available on all major streaming platforms, ‘The Absent-Minded Pirate’ invites audiences to join The Paradiddles on a musical adventure unlike any other, exploring universal themes of love, selflessness, and the need for connection.

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