Byte Federal Launches Bitcoin Point of Sale System for Merchants

Byte Federal, a leading financial technology company, has officially launched its point of sale (POS) system called ByteConnect. This product launch represents a major step in Byte Federal’s mission to build a comprehensive suite of financial tools that promote economic freedom.

‘Sound money is essential for creators and inventors, driving societal progress. We’re excited to introduce Bitcoin to the world, a significant innovation that fosters freedom and encourages creativity among global communities,’ said Lennart Lopin, Byte Federal’s co-founder and CTO.

After successful beta testing, ByteConnect is now available to merchants throughout most of the United States. In states where Byte Federal holds a Money Transmitter License, additional merchant services are provided, with further expansion planned as more licenses are obtained. The merchant product suite includes an API, a handheld POS device for retail locations, and e-commerce solutions.

‘There is a long line of people eager for new tools that enable them to transact without the strangleholds of the legacy financial systems, and those are the tools we are building,’ stated Michelle Weekley, Director of Product Development at Byte Federal.

The launch of ByteConnect is a significant milestone not just for Byte Federal, but for the global cryptocurrency landscape. ‘After seeing the challenges Argentine merchants face, from inflation to traditional payment issues like delays and high fees, highlights the need for a better system. A decentralized Bitcoin-based solution could enable faster, cheaper global transactions for merchants,’ commented Kenneth Shortrede, Senior Software Engineer at Byte Federal.

Headquartered in Florida, Byte Federal has a dedicated team to assist merchants in integrating ByteConnect and expanding their payment options.

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