HTX Ventures Expands Web3 Investment Horizons with Web3Port Foundation Partnership

HTX Ventures, a pioneering global investment firm, has forged a strategic partnership with the Web3Port Foundation, an international multi-stage technology investment platform dedicated to funding innovative Web3 startups. This collaboration aims to leverage their combined expertise and resources to uncover and invest in cutting-edge projects within the burgeoning Web3 sector.

As a leader in global investment, HTX Ventures has consistently been at the forefront of strategizing within the blockchain ecosystem. By joining forces with the Web3Port Foundation, HTX Ventures seeks to broaden its Web3 investment landscape, facilitating technological innovation and the exploration of new business models within the Web3 realm. ‘We are excited to collaborate with the Web3Port Foundation,’ said a spokesperson for HTX Ventures. ‘This partnership will enable us to delve deeper into the Web3 fields, uncover more innovative projects, and promote the development of blockchain technology.’

The Web3Port Foundation brings extensive experience and resources to the table, focusing on investing in innovative projects within the Web3 industry. With a primary fund seeded with $100 million and a secondary fund of $1 billion, the Foundation is well-equipped to support and nurture leading blockchain-enabled solutions across various stages, from early and middle-stage startups to projects with significant total value locked (TVL) and public blockchain ecosystem initiatives.

This collaboration is set to leverage the global investment network of HTX Ventures and the professional investment prowess of the Web3Port Foundation, aiming to jointly identify and invest in premier projects in the Web3 sector. By combining their strengths, the partnership aims to contribute to the thriving development of the Web3 ecosystem. As an industry pioneer with a decade-long history, HTX Ventures excels at identifying cutting-edge technologies and emerging business models within the blockchain sector. With over 200 projects spanning multiple blockchain sectors already in its portfolio, including select high-quality initiatives trading on the HTX exchange, HTX Ventures is well-positioned to drive growth within the blockchain ecosystem through comprehensive support, including financing, resources, and strategic advice.

The collaboration between HTX Ventures and the Web3Port Foundation represents a significant step forward in fostering innovation and growth within the Web3 landscape. By combining their expertise and resources, the partnership aims to uncover and support the most promising Web3 projects, accelerating the development and adoption of blockchain technology. For more information, visit Web3Port Foundation’s website or HTX Ventures’ website.

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