Reflection Analytics’ Reflect Platform Recognized as Top Innovative WealthTech Solution

Reflection Analytics, a technology firm specializing in ESG investment evaluation and advisory services, has achieved a significant milestone with its Reflect software platform being named to the WealthTech100 ranking of the world’s most innovative technology providers transforming investment firms, private banks, and financial advisors.

Reflect is the first and only platform designed specifically for investor-focused ESG analysis, catering to asset managers, financial advisors, and investors/institutions across advisory, due diligence, compliance, portfolio management, auditing, and reporting. This recognition by the WealthTech100 comes within Reflect’s first year as a compliance tool, highlighting its rapid impact in the industry.

‘This recognition by the WealthTech100 is validation for Reflect,’ said Jason Britton, founder and chief executive officer of Reflection Analytics. ‘The Names Rule requires funds generally aligned with ESG terms to have a minimum of 80 percent of its holding invested in what the average investor would consider the plain English meaning of those terms. Reflect is basically a lie detector that investors and fund managers can use to determine whether funds comply with that common-sense, truth-in-advertising standard.’

Launched by FinTech Global, a specialist research firm, the WealthTech100 list highlights the leading companies addressing significant challenges and opportunities in wealth management, including client acquisition, financial planning, portfolio management, and digital brokerage. The finalists were selected by a panel of analysts and industry experts who reviewed over 1,300 companies.

Launched just two months after the SEC expanded Rule 35d-1, the ‘Names Rule,’ to include ESG terms, Reflect is the market’s only ‘Names Rule’-compliant software, providing an investor-focused rating that scores companies across 250 data points in 18 ESG sub-themes. It also offers asset managers a portfolio management tool to ensure continuous compliance. Under the expanded rule, asset managers have 24 months from September 2023 to begin reporting on their alignment, demonstrating that 80% of their investments reflect the terms in their name, or risk regulatory fines and fees. Unlike other ESG rating companies focused on financial materiality from a corporate management perspective, Reflect assesses companies from the perspective of an investor’s understanding and reasonable expectations.

Beyond compliance, Reflect is designed to support values-based investing, allowing advisors, investors, and institutions to review portfolios based on ESG components important to them while identifying companies to avoid, such as those associated with weapons or alcohol. After analyzing a portfolio, Reflect provides a real-time, percentage-match score, rating investments across 18 sub-themes ranging from ‘not aligned’ to ‘strongly aligned.’ It can also weigh an existing portfolio against a curated list of investments, enabling side-by-side analysis.

A full list of the WealthTech100 and detailed information about each company is available for free download.

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