UC Berkeley and ByteTrade Lab Partner to Revolutionize Decentralized AI

ByteTrade Lab, an industrial partner with the University of California, Berkeley’s FHL Vive Center, has announced the launch of GaiaNet, a groundbreaking decentralized AI infrastructure project. This partnership aims to revolutionize the AI landscape by providing a secure, censorship-resistant network that allows individuals and businesses to host fine-tuned AI models based on their proprietary knowledge and expertise.

GaiaNet is a decentralized network that challenges the centralized industry giants by enabling individuals and businesses to set up edge-computing nodes controlled by themselves. These nodes act as digital twins of real-world experts or personalities, performing skilled knowledge tasks on behalf of their creators or operators. The project recognizes the advancements in edge AI research at UC Berkeley’s FHL Vive Center, particularly in the adoption of small language models for interactive and educational AI teaching assistant services.

Shashank Sripada, Co-founder of GaiaNet, stated, ‘I am honored to collaborate with Berkeley in our shared mission to revolutionize learning through decentralized AI. GaiaNet is not just a network; it’s a paradigm shift towards a more secure, censorship-resistant future while preserving privacy and autonomy.’ He further emphasized GaiaNet’s commitment to simplicity, ensuring that individuals and businesses can easily set up their own nodes and fine-tune their AI models with their proprietary knowledge.

As an esteemed academic institution, UC Berkeley’s Vive Center is well-positioned to leverage its expertise in supporting the advancement of decentralized AI through its partnership with ByteTrade. This collaboration exemplifies the University’s dedication to staying at the forefront of significant challenges and innovations in Artificial Intelligence.

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