Unleashing the Potential of Your Idle Crypto Assets

The cryptocurrency market has evolved beyond just buying and selling digital coins. Crypto lending platforms now offer innovative ways for holders to put their idle assets to work, either by earning interest on their holdings or using them as collateral to access liquidity without triggering taxable events.

At the forefront of this emerging space is Ledn.io, a crypto lending platform that provides ‘Growth Accounts’ enabling users to earn up to 11% annual percentage yield on their BTC, ETH, USDC, or USDT holdings. While attractive returns are enticing, Ledn prioritizes the safety of customers’ funds through strict risk management policies, including a single-asset ring-fenced approach and transparent monthly Open Book Reports.

Beyond earning interest, Ledn.io also offers crypto-backed loans, allowing users to access funds without selling their Bitcoin or Ethereum. By using their crypto as collateral, customers can receive 50% loan-to-value loans, typically within 24 hours, with the freedom to repay anytime penalty-free. These loans are offered in USD, USDC, or local currency, starting at a 12.4% annual interest rate.

To further reassure customers, Ledn says it is the first digital asset lending platform to complete a Proof-of-Reserves Attestation, where customers can confirm balances themselves using a hashed ID. ‘Whether through earning passive income or securing loans, your idle crypto assets can open doors previously limited to the legacy financial system,’ the company states.

As the crypto lending space continues to evolve, platforms like Ledn.io are at the forefront of making these financial opportunities both profitable and secure. With an emphasis on customer control, security, and transparent risk management, Ledn.io potentially offers a valuable partner for those looking to unleash the potential of their idle digital assets.

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