Foresta Group Holdings Pioneers Sustainable Pine Innovation

Foresta Group Holdings Ltd (ASX:FGH) is at the forefront of sustainable innovation, harnessing the versatility of pine resources in New Zealand. With a focus on profitable operations and environmental responsibility, the company is extracting valuable resins and terpenes from pine while converting spent wood into torrefied wood pellets.

According to CEO Ray Mountfort, Foresta Group operates across three key markets: flavors and fragrances derived from terpenes, resin-based products like adhesives and chewing gum, and black pellets as a coal replacement. The company’s approach not only leverages the multifunctionality of pine but also addresses the demand for sustainable alternatives in various industries, including energy.

A recent milestone for Foresta Group is securing a 9.6-hectare site for manufacturing, underscoring its commitment to sustainability by utilizing non-native, farmed pine. With 1.7 million hectares of pine plantations yielding 33 million tonnes annually, the company’s operations contribute to environmental benefits by absorbing carbon.

As New Zealand plans to ban coal by 2037, Foresta Group’s torrefied wood pellets offer a viable alternative. The company has secured solid off-take agreements and is focusing on chemical verticals initially. Construction on the new site is slated to commence in late 2024, with production expected by the end of the following year.

By leveraging the innovative use of pine resources, Foresta Group Holdings is paving the way for a sustainable future, addressing environmental concerns while meeting industry demands for eco-friendly solutions.

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