MegaMemeChain Launches on Solana with FairLaunch on PinkSale

MegaMemeChain, the highly anticipated blockchain platform designed for meme enthusiasts, is set to launch on the Solana chain with a FairLaunch event on PinkSale. The launch event will commence on Monday, April 8th, at 2:00 PM UTC, and run until Thursday, April 11th, at 6:00 PM UTC.

Incubated by, a renowned blockchain incubator and consultancy firm, MegaMemeChain introduces a groundbreaking approach to meme culture with unparalleled safety features and investor protection. To ensure transparency and accountability, MegaMemeChain introduces five badges: KYC, Doxxed, Audit, SAFU, and AMA tags, signifying their commitment to the safety of investors’ funds.

‘We are excited to launch MegaMemeChain on the Solana chain and introduce a new era of meme-sharing and investment opportunities,’ said [Megamemechain Queen], Founder and CEO of MegaMemeChain. ‘With the support of and our esteemed partners, we are confident that MegaMemeChain will revolutionize the meme culture landscape and provide a safe and engaging platform for meme enthusiasts worldwide.’

In addition to the PinkSale FairLaunch, MegaMemeChain is set to be listed on major centralized exchanges (CEX), including LBank, BitMart, XT,, and several others, enhancing accessibility and liquidity for investors. Visit and follow them on for more information and updates.

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