CCHR Exposes Psychiatric Abuse Through ‘Industry of Death’ Exhibit

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida (CCHR FL), a nonprofit watchdog organization dedicated to mental health reform, is hosting a powerful exhibit titled ‘Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.’ The exhibit aims to expose the harsh realities of psychiatric abuse and educate the public about the origins and practices of the mental health industry.

Scheduled to take place from April 6-7 at 330 E Central Blvd. in Orlando, FL, the free exhibit will be open to the general public from 9am to 9pm. A grand opening event is planned for Friday, April 5th, at 6pm.

Through a collection of educational panels, photographs, and a documentary featuring interviews with over 160 health professionals, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, academics, legal experts, and victims, the ‘Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Exhibit’ sheds light on the blatant disregard for human rights, social control, and profit-driven motives that have plagued the field of psychiatry throughout its history.

Visitors will gain a historical perspective on psychiatric human rights abuse while learning about ongoing practices such as forced commitment and the use of electroshock on seniors and children. The exhibit aims to raise awareness of these issues among tens of thousands of people worldwide each year.

CCHR FL, a winner of six awards for their work in protecting parents’ rights to direct their children’s mental health and ending coercive psychiatry, hopes the exhibit will educate the public and promote the reformation of the mental health industry. As stated on their website, ‘CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections.’

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