Ocurate’s Machine Learning Boosts Ad Spend Returns for Curology

Ocurate, a company specializing in machine learning for customer value prediction, has demonstrated significant success in optimizing customer acquisition for Curology, a leading e-commerce company in the skincare industry. By leveraging its proprietary machine learning technology, Ocurate increased Curology’s return on ad spend (ROAS) by an impressive 16%.

Tobias Konitzer, CEO and Co-Founder of Ocurate, expressed enthusiasm for the results, stating, ‘Ocurate is changing the consumer industry with its proprietary Machine Learning technology. It tackles the biggest problem consumer companies face today – low and unpredictable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and increases returns for the single largest expenditure for most ecommerce companies: digital customer acquisition. This technology is a game-changer for most Internet consumer companies.’

The impact of Ocurate’s solution was evident in a randomized experiment conducted within a large campaign for Curology’s Google non-brand search advertising. The 16% increase in ROAS translates to a significant boost in profits for Curology. As Tassilo Festetics, CFO of Curology, remarked, ‘Ocurate technology has had a substantial and measurable impact on our bottom line. Based on our 2023 revenue data, no initiative we have seen has had anywhere close to a comparable effect on Curology’s bottom line.’

Ocurate’s approach combines unique first-party customer data with deep machine learning algorithms, which match real-time behaviors of prospects with the customer value of recently acquired customers exhibiting similar behaviors. The company’s per-customer revenue predictions have been validated to be over 90% accurate. These predictions are seamlessly integrated with Google’s and Meta’s ad platforms through Ocurate’s infrastructure, allowing for the acquisition of customers at the ideal price point through real-time auctions. By supercharging value-based bidding technology, Ocurate’s solution www.ocurate.com has revolutionized ad campaigns for consumer brands.

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