Primex Finance Launches Community Rewards Campaign with CoinList

Primex Finance, a decentralized protocol for spot margin trading on DEXs, has unveiled the Contribute and Earn Rewards Campaign, a points-based initiative aimed at boosting user engagement and lending and trading activity within its ecosystem. Partnering with CoinList, Primex will leverage the latter’s established platform and community to onboard new lenders and traders to the protocol.

The 12-week campaign, slated to commence on April 8, 2024, will unfold in six bi-weekly stages. During each stage, participants can accumulate points proportional to their on-chain lending and trading activities on Primex. At the end of each round, the top 200 participants will receive Early Primex Token (ePMX) rewards, which can eventually be exchanged for the fully functional PMX token following the protocol’s Token Generation Event later this year.

To ensure fairness, points are reset after each round, providing equal opportunities for existing participants and newcomers alike. Contestants must complete the Primex Onboarding Quest to familiarize themselves with the non-custodial spot margin trading protocol before collecting points by fulfilling criteria related to trading and lending activities, as detailed on the Primex blog.

‘The Contribute and Earn Rewards Campaign offers Primex users a unique opportunity to learn how to use the protocol while earning points to climb the Leaderboard rankings. Additionally, the 200 most active participants will be eligible for ePMX rewards, which can be exchanged for fully functional PMX tokens later on,’ said Dmitry Tolok, Co-Founder of Primex.

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