Reviving Lawns with Sustainable Practices

As homeowners gear up for the summer season, reviving lawns with sustainable practices has become a top priority. In a recent nationwide satellite media tour, Dr. Lakshmy Gopinath from ScottsMiracle-Gro and Dr. Kelly Kopp from Utah State University shared valuable insights on embracing eco-friendly lawn care.

One crucial step is selecting turfgrass varieties suited to your region’s climate. Cool-season grasses like bluegrasses and fescues thrive in the Northeast, while warm-season options like bermudagrass or buffalo grass are better suited for Southern regions. Native turfgrass varieties, which typically require less water and maintenance, offer an interesting alternative.

Spring is an essential time to seed and feed your lawn, ensuring lush conditions later in the season. Dr. Gopinath recommends seeding with Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed, followed by feeding with Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food. ‘When considering the first watering for your lawn, try to delay as long as possible,’ she advises. ‘This will put stress on your turf and drive deeper roots, ultimately encouraging a stronger and more resilient lawn.’

Proper mowing height is also crucial. ‘Grass mowed at the proper height develops a deeper root system to better find water and nutrients in the soil,’ explains Dr. Kopp. ‘Taller grass also shades the soil keeping it cooler – so try to set your mower to one of the highest settings to get a 3-4 inch cut.’

Sustainable greenspaces offer numerous benefits, including improved ecosystems, enhanced quality of life, reduced water use with water-efficient turfgrasses, and replenishing groundwater reserves. As Dr. Kopp notes, ‘Natural turfgrass has the ability to absorb rainwater through a process called infiltration and help restore groundwater reserves, which is frequently tapped into by municipalities.’

By embracing these expert tips and strategies, homeowners can revive their lawns while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

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