Tanuki Unveils ‘Cheeky’ Memecoin Launchpad on Solana with $TANUPAD Token Presale

Tanuki, a recently launched platform on Solana, is shaking up the memecoin scene with its ‘cheeky’ approach and the introduction of the Tanuki Launchpad. The platform’s mission is to ‘redefine the meme game and bring unprecedented joy to the community’ by supporting reliable memecoin projects through its launchpad.

The Tanuki Launchpad stands out by supporting multiple blockchains, including Solana, Ethereum, BNB, Avalanche, Arbitrum, SEI, SUI, Cardano, and Metis. This network diversity allows the launchpad to showcase a wide range of projects to a broader audience, accelerating innovation in the blockchain space.

At the heart of the Tanuki ecosystem is the $TANUPAD token, which is now available for presale. With a total supply of 2 billion tokens, 45% is allocated for the presale. Holding $TANUPAD grants governance influence, potential earning opportunities through staking and farming, and access to lucrative opportunities on the launchpad.

Tanuki’s commitment to decentralization is evident in its smart contract code, which has been stripped of all minting and freezing features, ensuring a fair and transparent use for all participants. Additionally, the platform implements advanced safety systems to protect project launches from potential rug pulls, distinguishing Tanuki as a reliable launchpad for genuine projects.

Following the ongoing presale, Tanuki plans to obtain more listings on decentralized and centralized exchanges, introduce a staking platform, and integrate the SUI and SEI networks with its launchpad. Future plans also include the launch of Tanuki Launchpad Swap, the platform’s proprietary DEX.

With an expert team and a commitment to fostering an inclusive and collaborative ecosystem, Tanuki aims to become a beacon of transparency and trustworthiness among memecoin project launchpads.

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