VideoMost Secures US Patent for Groundbreaking Video Compression Technology

VideoMost Research, an R&D division of the Dubai-based company VideoMost, has announced the receipt of a US patent for its innovative video compression technology. This groundbreaking approach, based on the sketch concept, neural networks, and machine learning, aims to address the growing global demand for efficient video transmission and storage.

According to Cisco’s market analytics, over 80% of global internet traffic is attributed to video, with more than 90% of content shared on social networks being video. This staggering demand has fueled the need for more advanced video compression algorithms, as existing methods have only seen a 40% improvement in compression rates every ten years.

VideoMost Research’s patented method promises to increase the video compression factor by about three times compared to modern standards like H.265, VP9, and AV1, while maintaining the same video quality. The technology transforms the incoming original video stream into a sketch-video, which consumes significantly fewer resources. When decoded, a trained neural network restores the video to its original form.

This ‘sketch focused’ and machine learning-based approach to encoding and decoding video data has been patented by VideoMost Research in the USA and other countries. According to the company, their ML codec delivers significant reductions in video bitrate and storage costs, enabling effective high-quality video streaming via narrowband mobile communication channels. Additionally, the technology is claimed to be robust to sudden disruptions in connectivity and hardware-agnostic.

The applications for this technology span various B2B and B2C markets, including video portals, compact video storage, video conferencing, peer-to-peer and group calling apps, streaming platforms, gaming and esports, movies and TV shows, news and clips, hosting data storage, and more. VideoMost is actively seeking strategic and tech-savvy financial partners and venture capital to further fund the development, improvement, and distribution of its ML codec. With the VideoMost Research team boasting over 40 patents and 150 years of combined experience, this breakthrough technology holds immense potential for revolutionizing the video compression landscape.

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