Waterfall Network Simplifies Node Participation with New Desktop App

Waterfall Network, the decentralized and scalable ledger, has taken a significant step towards making blockchain participation more accessible with the release of a new desktop app for Windows and macOS. This app enables almost anyone to set up their own node on the Waterfall blockchain with just a few clicks.

According to Sergii Grybniak, Blue Wave CTO and Waterfall Head of Research, ‘Supporting the Waterfall Network is now simpler than ever. This is not only an easy way for even novices to participate in the benefits of a blockchain, but this will also open up Waterfall node participation to a whole new class of user that will prove vital to building Waterfall before we publicly launch the mainnet.’

Once users download and open the app, connect their Metamask (or any EVM) wallet, they will have a full node running in sync with the Waterfall Network. The app allows users to activate the node to receive stake amounts and rewards, view network status and connected peers, manage block producers on the node, check balances, use external SSD drives as data storage devices, and customize other node settings.

The Waterfall Network continues to streamline and expand its scale in anticipation of the launch of its mainnet. The protocol has been optimized to achieve loads of 10,000+ transactions per second, with improvements such as faster synchronizations in parallel, improved search for new peers, automatically unlocked validators, improved reliability in optimistic consensus, randomness creation, new transaction gas estimates, and storage optimization. Waterfall is also continuing to develop and implement fast synchronization, simpler mnemonic phrase mechanisms, and reduced consumption of disk space.

The Waterfall Network protocol is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, serving the huge existing Ethereum developer base without having to learn new programming languages. Its protocol incorporates an innovative ‘Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)’ technology that allows for virtually unlimited scalability and portability of decentralized applications (dAPPs) with low processing power requirements that allow anyone to run a validator node from even low-cost laptops and mobile phones. To download the new Waterfall Network desktop app or for more information, please visit https://waterfall.network/.

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