Bitget Wallet Partners with Pendle Finance, Offers BWB Points Airdrop

Bitget Wallet, Asia’s largest and a leading global Web3 wallet, has recently launched a BWB Points airdrop campaign targeting active users of Pendle Finance, a DeFi yield trading protocol. The airdrop is available to Pendle users who hold YT, PT, or have engaged in transactions with assets valued at no less than $5,000 on EVM addresses.

Eligible users will receive BWB Points from Bitget Wallet, which can be exchanged for BWB tokens, the official ecosystem token of Bitget Wallet, in the future. The airdrop will continue until April 28th and is open to new and existing users of Bitget Wallet, active users of mainstream Web3 wallets, and those who complete specific tasks within the wallet to accumulate points.

In addition to the Pendle airdrop, Bitget Wallet has launched the BWB Ecosystem Partner Program, aiming to incentivize active participation in the decentralized ecosystem and support the development of cooperative ecosystems and projects. Over seventy popular blockchains and projects, including Pendle, have joined the program, allowing their active users to receive BWB Points from Bitget Wallet.

Bitget Wallet and Pendle Finance have established a deep collaboration to enhance the overall DeFi experience for users. This integration broadens the range of DeFi services available to Bitget Wallet users and streamlines the experience for Pendle users, improving overall usability. Pendle has also integrated support for Bitget Wallet on its official website, allowing users to access the Pendle protocol directly via the Bitget Wallet mobile app and browser extension.

Furthermore, Bitget Wallet has integrated Pendle’s yield strategies into its financial services, enabling users to stake ETH and USDT on Pendle through Bitget Wallet. Users can conveniently manage staked assets within Bitget Wallet, providing insights into balance, value, and earnings records directly on the DeFi homepage.

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