Bundling Streaming Credits with Broadband Slashes Streaming Service Churn

Streaming services are facing a major challenge with customer churn, but new data from MyBundle suggests bundling streaming credits with broadband internet plans could be a game-changing solution. According to research from the company, bundling $20 in monthly streaming credits with Norvado’s 1 Gig fiber internet plan resulted in a monthly churn rate of just 4.3% for streaming services after 12 months, compared to an industry average of 8.6% reported by research firm Antenna.

‘The concept of bundling content and connectivity is nothing new to the broader business of media and entertainment, however with this yearlong MyBundle research we now have strong empirical data that bundling streaming purchases with broadband works,’ said Jason Cohen, MyBundle’s Co-Founder and CEO. ‘New customer acquisition is still important for streaming services, but reducing churn is now a close second priority. It’s still early days for MyBundle’s Streaming Choice, but while the benefit to broadband providers is noteworthy, a potential 50% reduction in streaming service monthly churn is remarkable – a possible game-changer for streaming services.’

MyBundle’s Streaming Choice program is already being offered by 21 of the company’s nearly 230 broadband partners. The flexible program allows partners to bundle streaming credits, pre-selected services, or customer-chosen services for a fixed period with their internet plans. By reducing friction and increasing satisfaction, MyBundle aims to simplify the streaming ecosystem for consumers, broadband providers, and streaming services alike.

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