EcS+: Driving Cost Savings and Efficiency for Businesses

In today’s economic landscape marked by rising inflation and financial uncertainty, businesses and organizations are seeking innovative solutions to reduce operational costs without compromising service quality. Enter EcS+, a distinguished women-owned advisory firm that is leading the charge in cost savings and expense reduction services.

With over 30 years of experience and a unique vendor-based compensation model, EcS+ offers unparalleled expertise in reducing operational expenses across seven critical areas: merchant card services, telecom and technology, logistics and freight, energy, commercial insurance, payroll/HR/PEO services, and financial services.

‘In these times of economic uncertainty, EcS+ remains steadfast in our commitment to delivering unparalleled cost savings and efficiency solutions to businesses and non-profits alike,’ stated Angela Briante, ECS+ Managing Principal. ‘As the new Managing Principal, I am proud to lead a team dedicated to driving innovation and delivering tangible results for our clients, ensuring their sustainability and growth in a challenging landscape.’

What sets EcS+ apart is its innovative, vendor-based compensation structure. Unlike traditional expense reduction firms, EcS+ does not charge its clients directly. Instead, the firm earns its compensation through vendors, maintaining a non-exclusive, unbiased stance in vendor selection. This model ensures that EcS+ acts in the best interest of its clients, delivering impartial and objective advice without compromising savings.

EcS+ collaborates with top-tier vendors, including industry leaders like ADP, Fiserv, Berkshire Hathaway, Allianz, T-Mobile, and Verizon, as well as reputable small to medium-sized companies. This alignment with household names and A1-rated carriers underscores EcS+’s commitment to providing its clients with the best possible service and savings.

As businesses and non-profits navigate these challenging times, EcS+ invites them to explore potential cost reductions through a comprehensive analysis. With EcS+, clients can achieve aggressive double-digit savings while improving service quality, all at no direct cost to them.

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