Financial Advisors Get a Boost with New Research Partnership

The Investments & Wealth Institute (the Institute), a leading professional association for financial advisors, has joined forces with CEG Worldwide, an elite coaching and consulting firm, to accelerate the success of advisors serving high-net-worth (HNW) clients. The partnership, unveiled at the Institute’s annual Experience conference, will leverage the expertise of both organizations to create valuable research deliverables for enterprise, team, and individual stakeholders.

According to Sean R. Walters, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute, nearly 70% of their members find the Investments & Wealth Research publication valuable. ‘We expect this partnership with CEG Worldwide to further enhance our research offering,’ Walters said, citing CEG’s ‘unparalleled understanding of how elite advisors who operate in the HNW space can further elevate their practices.’

John Bowen, Founder and CEO of CEG Worldwide, echoed the sentiment, calling the collaboration ‘a game-changer for financial advisors who serve high-net-worth clients.’ By combining the Institute’s industry knowledge with CEG’s expertise in understanding wealthy families’ needs, the partnership aims to create ‘powerful resources that enable advisors to elevate their practices and deliver unparalleled value.’

The first year of the research partnership includes Wealth Management Mastery Series, a subscription service offering strategies for successfully serving HNW clients, and the Investments & Wealth Research Series, which will feature new findings from CEG Insights. Additionally, the Institute and CEG Insights will jointly develop custom research reports for enterprise clients seeking to improve their advisor teams’ abilities to serve HNW clients.

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