Vivos Therapeutics Secures Medicare Reimbursement for Innovative Sleep Apnea Treatment

Vivos Therapeutics, a leading innovator in the field of sleep apnea treatment, has secured a major victory with the approval of Medicare reimbursement for its flagship oral medical devices. This groundbreaking development positions Vivos as the sole provider of oral medical devices globally that can effectively treat severe sleep apnea.

According to Vivos Therapeutics CEO Kirk Huntsman, the company’s unique approach involves oral medical devices designed to enhance the human airway and potentially eliminate sleep apnea symptoms after a 12-month treatment period. This FDA clearance represents a monumental achievement, as it is expected to benefit tens of millions of Medicare patients suffering from moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) without the need for lifetime intervention.

The recognition by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) propels Vivos’s devices as a viable alternative to traditional CPAP treatments, especially timely given the recent recalls in the CPAP market and Philips’ withdrawal from the U.S. market. Huntsman expressed his excitement about the broader implications of this approval, including increased recommendations of Vivos’s treatments by medical and dental providers and a growing awareness of their efficacy as an alternative to CPAP treatments.

This development represents a significant step forward in transforming patient care for individuals suffering from sleep apnea. With Medicare reimbursement now available, Vivos Therapeutics is poised to revolutionize the treatment landscape for sleep apnea, offering a promising solution to millions of patients seeking relief from this debilitating condition.

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