Alderan Resources to Commence Drilling for Copper in Utah and Lithium in Brazil

Alderan Resources Ltd (ASX:AL8) is making significant strides in the exploration and development of lithium and copper resources in Brazil and Utah, as announced in a recent press release. Managing Director Scott Caithness recently joined Jonathan Jackson in the Proactive studio to provide insights into the company’s latest activities and upcoming projects.

Caithness began by discussing Alderan’s work in Brazil’s Lithium Valley, where the company is currently conducting a comprehensive sampling program. The program, which is over 50% complete, is expected to yield initial assay results in mid-April, with the overall program wrapping up in early May. Caithness emphasized the significance of this work and shared insights into the ongoing findings, as well as Alderan’s strategic steps in the region.

Meanwhile, in Utah, Alderan is gearing up to commence drilling at the New Years copper prospect in the Frisco area. The company is finalizing the exact locations and orientation of a planned three-hole diamond drilling program, which is set to begin this quarter. Although Alderan already has permitted drill sites in the Frisco project area, the new locations will require amendment, which is expected to be a quicker process than permitting entirely new drill sites in the area.

Caithness provided a comprehensive update on the expected timeline for results and ongoing projects, shedding light on Alderan’s strategic direction and upcoming developments in both regions. The company’s commitment to advancing its exploration and drilling activities underscores its dedication to unlocking the full potential of these valuable resources.

As Alderan Resources continues to make progress in its exploration and development efforts, the company’s latest activities in lithium and copper mining are certainly worth following closely. With the anticipation of assay results and the commencement of drilling, Alderan’s strategic direction in these regions is poised to have a significant impact on the industry.

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