Annual California State Parks Week Celebrates Nature and Community

Annual California State Parks Week will kick off with a bang from June 12-16, 2024, with more than 200 events planned for the public. Presented by California State Parks, Save the Redwoods League, Parks California, and California State Parks Foundation, this week-long event aims to celebrate the state’s 280 parks and the individuals who visit and protect these iconic places.

The themed days for this year’s celebration include exploring new experiences, nurturing health and well-being, supporting climate resilience, celebrating community and culture, and caring for shared lands. From guided hikes to yoga sessions, kayaking tours, and volunteer opportunities, the events are designed to offer something for everyone.

Notably, the third annual State Parks Week aligns with the ‘Outdoor Access for All’ initiative, championed by Governor Gavin Newsom, and the Natural Resources Agency’s ‘Outdoors for All’ initiative. These endeavors aim to expand outdoor access to all Californians through investments in open space infrastructure, outdoor programming, and improvements to permit applications, with special attention to underserved communities.

State parks play a crucial role in preserving California’s natural and cultural history. Recent years have shown that public lands contribute to the strength, happiness, and well-being of communities. The week-long celebration serves as an opportunity to honor the wonder and sense of community that the outdoors provide to Californians and visitors from across the globe.

Key figures such as Armando Quintero, Rachel Norton, Sam Hodder, and Kindley Walsh Lawlor have expressed their support and enthusiasm for the State Parks Week. They emphasize the physical and mental health benefits associated with spending time outdoors and experiencing nature. The events planned for the week are designed to create personal connections with nature, expose participants to awe-inspiring landscapes, and foster a deeper appreciation for California’s natural world and human history.

California State Parks protect the state’s natural and cultural history, such as its coastline, redwood forests, and deserts. With over 5,200 miles of trails, 15,000 campsites, and various archeological sites, these parks offer diverse opportunities for exploration and engagement.

Overall, the third annual California State Parks Week represents a unique opportunity to engage with nature, promote community well-being, and celebrate the significance of the state’s protected spaces. By participating in the events, individuals can develop a deeper connection to the land, its history, and their role in conservation and stewardship.

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