Award-Winning Author Kay A. Oliver Triumphs Again at BookFest Spring 2024

In a dazzling display of literary prowess, Kay A. Oliver, the acclaimed author behind ‘Whispering Lessons’ and ‘Ice Cream Moments,’ has once again claimed the spotlight at BookFest Spring 2024. In addition, she is a new inductee to the Marquis Who’s Who list.

‘Whispering Lessons’ emerged victorious, securing First Place in BookFest Spring 2024, solidifying Oliver’s status as a premier storyteller. Meanwhile, her work ‘Ice Cream Moments’ earned a well-deserved Honorable Mention.

Oliver’s literary achievements extend beyond BookFest accolades. Her previous masterpiece, ‘Road to Elysium,’ garnered widespread acclaim, clinching three First-Place recognitions at BookFest Spring 2023 and the esteemed Silver Medal at the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2023. It was also honored with the coveted Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review Award and the Top 100 Best Reads Award from Shelf Media Group, as well as Book of the Year 2023.

Continuing her streak of success, the latest installment of her renowned series, ‘Grave Disturbances,’ has clinched three new awards, 2nd Place for First place in Fiction & Historical – Mystery, Fiction & Sci-Fi – Action & Adventure and in Fiction & Supernatural – Paranormal & Psychic Phenomenon. While her first novel, ‘Disturbed Tombs’ won first place in 2022, was well as Book of the Year in 2022.

‘Whispering Lessons’ transports readers to the untamed wilderness of the Old West, where a band of frontier educators embarks on a daring journey through the aftermath of the Civil War. Amidst captivating narratives and unexpected sparks of romance, Oliver masterfully weaves a tale of courage and resilience against the backdrop of lawlessness and intrigue. ‘Ice Cream Moments’ explores the transformative power of love, touching the lives of both adults and children in profound ways. This heartwarming narrative, meet Kliff, whose life takes an unforeseen turn when tragedy strikes, leaving a young girl named Dianne without a family. As her parents are abruptly taken from her in a devastating event, Kliff faces a pivotal choice that will forever alter both of their destinies.

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