Cloud DX Signs 2 New Contracts with Ontario Community Paramedic Services

Cloud DX CEO Robert Kaul recently announced the company’s latest achievement in the healthcare sector, as it signed two new 24-month Master Deployment Agreements with the Beausoleil First Nation Paramedic Service and another Ontario County Paramedic Service. This milestone represents the 9th and 10th Ontario Paramedic Services to contract with Cloud DX, further solidifying the company’s growing presence and impact in the region.

These new contracts highlight Cloud DX’s commitment to providing innovative Connected Health RPM products and services to support community paramedics in monitoring seniors where they live. By empowering paramedics and healthcare providers to deliver remote patient monitoring and care management services, Cloud DX is driving positive change in the healthcare landscape. The company’s efforts are focused on enhancing patient outcomes, reducing healthcare costs, and improving access to care for seniors.

Robert Kaul emphasized that 2024 has been a year of significant growth for Cloud DX, with the company securing 10 new contracts and renewing 14 existing contracts, totaling $4.75 million CAD in value so far. This success demonstrates the increasing demand for Cloud DX’s Connected Health RPM solutions and the positive impact they are making in the healthcare sector.

Cloud DX’s continued success and expansion underscore its commitment to advancing healthcare delivery through digital innovation and patient-centered care solutions. These efforts are crucial in supporting seniors’ ability to age in place comfortably and reducing pressure on nursing home waiting lists. The company’s dedication to improving access to care and supporting the evolving healthcare landscape positions Cloud DX as a key player in transforming the future of healthcare.

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