Investments & Wealth Institute Announces Significant Changes to CIMA Certification Program

The Investments & Wealth Institute has recently announced updates to its renowned and accredited Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) certification program, set to take effect on August 1, 2024. The changes aim to ensure that the CIMA certification remains at the forefront of technical portfolio construction and risk management, reflecting the latest advancements in the practice of competent and ethical investment advice.

The modifications to the CIMA certification are outlined in the Defining Wealth Management report, published by the Investments & Wealth Institute, summarizing the knowledge and professional capabilities required of wealth management professionals, teams, and firms. The updated curriculum will cover a range of topics, including the management and evaluation of model portfolios, target-date funds, ETFs, and index funds, as well as risk and return management, behavioral finance, and global macroeconomic trends.

The changes are a significant milestone for the CIMA certification, which serves as a benchmark for investment and wealth management professionals. A CIMA certified professional, with at least three years of experience, is equipped to integrate a complex body of investment knowledge, contributing to prudent investment decisions while providing objective advice and guidance to individual and institutional investors. The updates to the CIMA certification are based on a comprehensive job task analysis study, reflecting the most advanced financial and investment consulting professionals’ knowledge and skills.

Notable highlights of the updates include increased focus on alternative investments and private markets, portfolio construction, and investment implementation approaches. The changes aim to address the evolving landscape of wealth management, with a greater emphasis on investment management, asset allocation methodologies, and client-oriented portfolio management.

According to James LaFleur, Chair of the CIMA Certification Commission, the revisions aim to ensure that CIMA certified practitioners have a comprehensive understanding of the portfolios they recommend to clients and are capable of creating, managing, and adjusting portfolios aligned with client objectives. The changes are designed to uphold ethical standards and enhance the professionalism of investment and wealth management practices.

Overall, the announced changes to the CIMA certification program are a testament to the Investments & Wealth Institute’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge education and standards for financial advisors. The Institute’s focus on excellence and ethics in applying a broad set of knowledge and skills underscores its position as the premier professional association and education provider for investment consultants, financial planners, and private wealth managers worldwide.

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