AINN Layer2 Mainnet Launch: TVL Surpasses $600 Million on Day One

AINN Layer2, the first Bitcoin Layer2 network focusing on Web3 + AI applications, has achieved a major milestone with its mainnet launch. The total value locked (TVL) in assets staked on the mainnet has surpassed $600 million, establishing AINN Layer2 as the Layer2 network with the largest TVL within 24 hours.

Users are able to stake BRC-20 inscription assets like $BTC, $AINN, $ORDI, $SATS, and $RATS on the mainnet, with plans to support more types of assets for staking in the future. Staking specified assets on the AINN Layer2 mainnet earns users TVL staking points, which can be exchanged for future $ANVM token airdrops.

AINN Layer2 has garnered investments from prominent market maker Amber Group, Waterdrip Capital, Bitmart’s Cipholio Ventures, Satoshi Lab, AscendEx, Foundinals Lab, Monday Capital, Bitrise Capital, and others, along with key opinion leaders in the Bitcoin ecosystem and institutional finance partners. Additionally, AINN Layer2 has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Digital Development of the Kyrgyz Republic, signaling a new chapter in collaboration for digitalization and governance within the Web3 sphere.

Following its mainnet launch, AINN Layer2 is preparing to introduce the ‘AI Odyssey’, an event that offers users the opportunity to interact with various Web3 + AI applications, including AI-generated texts, images, and videos.

The AINN Layer2 team has been actively engaging with the community, participating in events such as the Hong Kong Web 3.0 Spring Summit, BTC L2 Summit, and Token2049 in Dubai. The network is dedicated to enhancing the fundamental elements of decentralized AI and creating a supportive environment for the growth of AI-based applications. With plans to deploy thousands of AI applications on AINN Layer2, the network aims to shape a promising future for the Web3 + AI ecosystem, expecting billions of users to utilize these applications.

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