Ballymore Resources Unveils Promising Results from Dittmer Gold Project in Queensland

Ballymore Resources Ltd (ASX:BMR) technical director David A-Izzeddin has revealed promising initial assay results from a Stage 4 drilling program at the company’s Dittmer gold project in north Queensland. A-Izzeddin emphasized the historically high-grade gold mining area’s potential, which has been remarkably under-explored despite significant gold findings in the 1990s.

The Dittmer gold project stands out for its history as a high-grade gold mining area in the late 1800s to early 1900s, with the Dittmer mine noted for its extraordinary gold yield. Recent drilling programs have uncovered evidence suggesting the potential for substantial mineral deposits near the historic mine sites, with results indicating the presence of high-grade gold within a shear zone that appears to widen with depth.

Further exploration and drilling efforts have identified promising structures and anomalies, suggesting an extensive mineralization that remains open for exploration. The company plans to continue its exploration activities with surface drilling programs aimed at revealing the full potential of these areas, including the possibility of encountering porphyry copper systems as indicated by geochemical anomalies and historical data from nearby locations.

With a recent $5 million investment from the Taurus Mining Royalty Fund, A-Izzeddin stated that Ballymore Resources is well-funded to advance its ambitious exploration projects. This financial support enables the company to explore not only the promising targets at Dittmer but also other locations like Cedar Ridge. While the primary focus remains on discovering significant mineral deposits, there is also the potential for initiating small-scale mining operations in the near term, leveraging the high-grade findings and proximity to existing infrastructure.

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