Helium One Global Advances Itumbula West-1 Well Test and ESIA Study in Tanzania

Helium One Global is making significant progress with the Itumbula West-1 well test and environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) study in Tanzania. The company’s CEO, Lorna Blaisse, and director of operations, Mike Williams, provided an update on the latest developments, including the initiation of the ESIA study, the success of the Phase Two drilling campaign, and the preparations for the extended well test.

Blaisse emphasized the importance of the ESIA study, which is essential for converting the prospecting license to a full mining license. The successful Phase Two drilling campaign, which achieved a 4.7% helium flow from the Itumbula West-1 well, has set the stage for the upcoming extended well test (EWT) to evaluate the project’s value in the Rukwa Basin and facilitate the license conversion process.

Williams highlighted the company’s appointment of a production facilities management company and the commencement of a design study for a helium production plant. This modular plant aims to refine helium and manage logistics for transporting the product, accommodating varying production rates to ensure value for stakeholders. Preparations for the EWT in the third quarter are on schedule, involving significant logistical and engineering efforts due to the importation of equipment from outside Tanzania.

Behind the scenes, work on converting the mining license continues, encompassing a comprehensive feasibility report integrating various company departments. Close collaboration with the Tanzanian government and stakeholders is ongoing, with recent positive meetings with the Mining Commission highlighting the government’s support for the project.

As the project accelerates, Blaisse noted that Helium One is expanding its team to manage the increasing workload and ensure the delivery of all project components, including the crucial feasibility study. These developments underscore the company’s commitment to advancing the Rukwa project and obtaining the necessary approvals for full-scale helium production in Tanzania.

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