kevin. Achieves Groundbreaking NFC Transaction from Account to Account on iPhone

kevin., a pioneer in payment technology, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by successfully completing the first-ever NFC transaction from account to account on an iPhone. This significant event is set to disrupt the payment landscape in stores, emphasizing the importance of convenience and security in the financial world.

The achievement comes after years of Apple’s strict control over NFC technology in iOS devices, which had limited the competition from third parties. The European Commission’s pressure on Apple to democratize NFC access has paved the way for this technological advancement, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of NFC payments.

Pavel Sokolovas, Co-founder of kevin., expressed the significance of this moment, stating, ‘Breaking the last barriers of NFC payments on iOS devices represents a true turning point. We are incredibly proud to be the first to enable account-to-account transactions using Apple’s NFC, empowering consumers to choose how they pay.’

Following the regulatory changes, kevin. quickly obtained authorization under Apple’s NFC entitlement program and began developing in their controlled environment. Just six weeks after the launch of Apple’s program, kevin. celebrated the successful completion of the experimental transaction in development mode, paving the way for a revolution in point-of-sale interactions.

Sokolovas outlined the technical journey, saying, ‘Our team worked tirelessly to integrate our technical solution into Apple’s Host Card Emulation (HCE), including security standards, transaction validation, and much more, to create a seamless experience allowing users to make transactions within their bank or wallet apps.’

The European Commission continues to monitor the feedback from early developers like kevin. as it anticipates the official start of a broader NFC implementation. This scrutiny underscores the Commission’s commitment to promoting innovation and fair competition in the mobile payments sector.

kevin.’s achievement sets a dominant precedent, promising an open market where consumers are no longer restricted to platform-specific payment systems. This marks a fundamental reshaping of how transactions are conducted worldwide, with the industry expecting a surge in similar payment solutions following this initial success.

kevin. is a visionary technology company that has consistently aimed to redesign payment systems for the needs of the future. From their global headquarters in Europe to their recent expansion in Dubai, kevin.’s mission has been to offer reliable end-to-end technology and significant savings in transaction fees without changing the way people pay.

The introduction of their client-enabled, brand-agnostic payment acceptance network signifies a significant shift for consumers and businesses alike, granting autonomy and value unhindered by the constraints of traditional technology.

kevin. aims to strengthen all stakeholders in the payment ecosystem, including banks, digital wallets, retailers, and others, by enabling them to launch their own independent non-card schemes or expand their services by connecting to an existing network on the kevin. platform.

kevin. is backed by Accel, Eurazeo, and other investors, including OTB Ventures, Speedinvest, Open Ocean, and Global Paytech Venture.

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