Surge Copper Announces Technical Work Program for Berg Project Pre-Feasibility Study

Surge Copper CEO Leif Nilsson recently joined Steve Darling from Proactive to provide an update on the company’s strategic plans for the Berg copper-molybdenum-precious metals project in central British Columbia. Emphasizing their commitment to meticulous planning and execution, Surge Copper is gearing up for an array of technical work programs crucial for the forthcoming pre-feasibility study.

With an eye on advancing the project’s development, Surge Copper is at an advanced stage of planning for multiple initiatives, poised to kick off in the imminent weeks and traverse through the summer field season. These initiatives, rooted in the recommendations delineated in the preliminary economic assessment for the Berg Project, signify a pivotal step towards realizing its full potential.

In his discussion with Proactive, Nilsson elaborated on one of the key initiatives: a comprehensive test work program meticulously designed to propel the bulk copper-molybdenum concentrate flotation parameters forward. The primary objective is to validate and enhance the recovery performance of copper, molybdenum, silver, and gold into distinct copper and molybdenum concentrates. Notably, this program stands fully scoped, with requisite composite sample materials readily available and awaiting prompt shipment.

Furthermore, Surge Copper is embarking on an expansive data collection endeavor during the summer field season of 2024. This initiative aims to amass critical time-series baseline data crucial for potential environmental assessments, underpinning the company’s unwavering commitment to responsible and sustainable mining practices.

Field operations at the Berg deposit in 2024 will be instrumental in gathering samples from various sectors within the PEA pit shape. These samples will undergo meticulous laboratory-based geochemistry test programs, enabling Surge Copper to comprehensively characterize key parameters essential for waste rock and tailings design optimization. Concurrently, surface mapping and sampling endeavors will be initiated early in the field season, laying the groundwork for informed decisions regarding drilling targets.

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