Trust & Will Enhances Advisor Platform for Streamlined Estate Planning

Trust & Will has introduced significant enhancements to its Trust & Will for Advisors platform, serving over 11,000 financial advisors nationwide. The upgrades aim to simplify estate planning and probate, offering comprehensive solutions encompassing wills, trusts, and probate services.

The latest features include:

Estate Reports: Visualizations of clients’ estate plans, providing advisors with automated insights into assets, succession, and planning opportunities.

Estate Summary: Client-centric summaries detailing key estate decisions, ensuring advisors maintain visibility and adaptability as clients’ circumstances evolve.

Personalized Client Insights: Tailored insights derived from clients’ estate decisions, facilitating proactive engagement and fostering lasting advisor-client relationships.

Legacy Contact: Client-assigned read-only access for designated individuals to assist during the settlement process.

New Dashboard Design: Introducing a sleek, user-friendly interface tailored exclusively for financial advisors.

Dedicated Support Team: A committed support team providing seamless onboarding for financial professionals utilizing the platform.

Andres Mazabel, Head of Advisors at Trust & Will, expressed excitement about the expanded product offerings, stating that the new features empower advisors with enhanced visibility into their clients’ holistic financial landscapes, fostering enduring and impactful relationships.

In addition to the platform enhancements, Trust & Will conducted a study to explore generational preferences in financial advisory services. The study revealed that more than half of Millennials and Gen Z express interest in working with financial advisors for estate planning, suggesting a generational shift towards professional guidance. Furthermore, a significant percentage of respondents included hiring a financial advisor as part of their long-term financial goals.

The study’s complete results can be found on the Trust & Will website. Since its inception in 2017, Trust & Will has facilitated estate planning for nearly 700,000 families, with a network exceeding 11,000 financial advisors. The platform prioritizes safeguarding sensitive financial information through bank-level encryption and SOC 2 Type II compliance.

Trust & Will’s commitment to simplifying estate planning and settlement has positioned it as the leading digital estate planning and settlement platform in the U.S., catering specifically to financial professionals.

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