VantagePoint: The Pioneers of AI-Powered Software for Traders Since 1991

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries worldwide, and the trading sector is no exception. According to data from Finbold, the AI industry is projected to grow from $207.9 billion in 2023 to an estimated $1.87 trillion by 2030. While AI integration is gaining momentum, one company has been leveraging AI in trading since 1991.

Lane Mendelsohn, president of VantagePoint, shared the company’s journey as one of the first to embrace AI in the trading world. He explained that VantagePoint’s founder, Lou Mendelsohn, began implementing AI in financial market forecasting in the late 1980s and launched the first-ever AI forecasting trading software for individual traders in 1991.

Over the past three decades, VantagePoint has continued to refine its AI technology, leveraging historical data to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions. The company forecasts for over 2,300 stocks, ETFs, Futures, Forex Pairs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies daily, using up to 90 input values to calculate predictive indicators for each market.

What sets VantagePoint apart from recent AI trading platforms is its proven accuracy, longevity, and patented technology. With third-party verified accuracy up to 87.4%, VantagePoint has maintained a strong track record in the industry for over 45 years. Additionally, the company holds two proprietary U.S. patents for performing intermarket analysis using neural networks and calculating predictive technical indicators.

Lane Mendelsohn elaborated on the significance of VantagePoint’s patents, highlighting their ability to weigh and analyze global market data, as well as transform traditional lagging indicators into leading indicators. These advancements provide independent traders with a unique edge in the market, offering insights that would be humanly impossible to achieve.

For traders considering adopting AI for their strategies, Mendelsohn emphasized the importance of due diligence and proprietary AI technology that has undergone deep learning specifically for predicting the markets and global market analysis. He suggested that VantagePoint is currently the only AI for traders that meets these criteria, making it a compelling solution for investors looking to gain a competitive edge.

VantagePoint’s pioneering role in AI-powered trading software since 1991 has positioned the company as a leader in the industry, offering traders a unique advantage with its long history, patented technology, and commitment to ongoing innovation. To learn more about VantagePoint, visit

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